When sunset falls on Ha Long

When sunset falls, Ha Long is extremely fanciful on the vast sea, colored lights from  Ha Long yachts  reflect on the water surface forming a vivid picture with many fanciful colors. And then dawn will bring you into the fairyland, waking you up with the bitter cold, the fragrant winds of the sea, the beautiful scenery. Ha Long is not ashamed when twice recognized by Unesco as a world natural heritage, in 1994 and 2000 Ha Long always gives visitors great experiences, because of its eternal beauty over time. but more than 5 centuries ago Nguyen Trai praised  Ha Long Bay  as a wonder of stone erected in the sky.

Perhaps the most beautiful time on Ha Long Bay is the time of sunset. When the yachts have found a place to anchor for the night cruise on the bay, tourists come together to the sundeck to admire the scenery, take pictures, what could be more wonderful than sitting and sipping a glass of wine with their loved ones and enjoying the view? The romantic sunset gradually falls.

The yachts prepare to anchor for the night

Ha Long Bay is as beautiful as a picture at sunset

When the sun goes down is the best time for you to enjoy Ha Long Bay

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