Thien Cung Cave A Mysterious Underground Paradise

After checking in to Ha Long cruise and starting the journey to explore one of the most beautiful caves of Ha Long Bay such as  Thien Cung cave, Dau Go cave, Sung Sot cave, Trinh Nu cave, Tam Cung cave …
Thien Cung cave where beautiful scenery is likened to the palace of the heavens. The cave is located in the southwest of Ha Long Bay, 4km from the cruise ship port on Dau Go Island at an altitude of 25m above sea level. On the way to Thien Cung Cave, the cliffs are craggy, both sides are covered with luxuriant trees, through a narrow door, the cave suddenly opens up to a space above a quadrilateral with a length of 130m. The more we go inside, the more surprised we are by the vivid and splendid beauty created by stalactites. On the eastern wall of the cave is like a monumental picture, in which there are ancient fairy characters with soft and flexible lines, extremely delicate to every little detail.

Ha Long Dong Thien Cung

The sculptures, whether massive or small, are meticulously elaborated by the hand of the Creator. The cave is associated with the legend of the ancient Dragon King. Legend has it that after the Dragon King defeated the people, the Dragon King returned to his cave, that year there was a severe drought and the people lost their crops, so they had to ask for help from the Dragon King to make rain. To congratulate the wedding, the dragons fly eel while hiding in the forest of clouds and stalactites, the elephants and peacocks dance together, the giant pythons hide around the ancient banyan tree, two stone lions. dancing, high above the eagles spread their huge wings, an ornately decorated elephant is lying in suit, waiting for the bride and groom to step down, the man from where gray hair is like a cloud will also come. Enjoy the party, the scene is extremely jubilant. The center of the cave is 4 huge and muscular pillars as if supporting the heavens,

On the north wall of the cave is a scene of fairies dancing and singing to congratulate the wedding, under the soaring arch of the cave, each cluster of stalactites hangs down to create a splendid stone curtain. At the last cave, the white, blue, and red light flows mixed to create a magnificent scene, a natural stream of water in four seasons flows and murmurs, where there are three clear ponds, according to legend. This is the place where she often bathes her 100 children and raises them to adulthood. A winding road leading out is the way that May and her 50 children go to discover a new land, 50 children stay with their father to build their homeland, with treasures. The mother left behind is Bau Vu Tien, full of life. Thien Cung Cave gives us the feeling that we have just seen a very unique and elaborate art museum.

Ha Long Dong Thien Cung-1

Experiencing a  Ha Long tour,  Ms. Morgan from England said: “I find this place very peaceful, the scenery is very beautiful, the mountain peaks sometimes create a feeling of fear. I’m from England! In our country, there are no mountain caves, creating such strong feelings, so I will definitely keep memories in this place.”

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