To get to Trinh Nu beach, you need to kayak around thousand-year-old limestone formations and then walk for 5 minutes through Trinh Nu cave. Trinh Nu beach will amaze you with its white sand, emerald water and mild pleasant weather condition

Exploring Sung Sot cave on the second Day

This is one of the largest and most beautiful caves in Ha Long Bay

Tourists will participate in Sunset party & cooking class while the vessel cruises toward the shore. You can enjoy relaxing moments while sipping a cup of traditional Vietnamese tea or coffee on the sundeck amid wonderful scenery and beautiful sunset. Ha Long Bay is calm during the day, but when the sun goes down, the Bay becomes even more tranquil and peaceful.

Guests can grab the chance to take a closer look at the national costumes of Vietnam by the performances of Elysia Cruise staff at dinner. Through the costumes, guests can learn more about the culture of the Red Dao and H’Mong ethnic minorities, Bac Ninh’s Quan Ho traditional singing and the traditional Vietnamese “Ao dai”.

Here, visitors can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery, enjoy the fresh air, but also participate in a special one-day Ha Long tour on a Ha Long cruise, be a fisherman and kayak, explore Ferry interesting points in the middle of the sea.
Passenger cruise ships depart from Bai Chay tourist port early in the morning and follow the direction to Bai Tu Long Bay. On the journey to the fishing village, the ship passed quite a few rocky islands with various shapes on the shimmering and fanciful water surface. Local people name the islands according to their shape, such as Hon Am, Hon Face, Hon Oan…

Experience a day as a fisherman on Ha Long Bay
Experience a day as a fisherman on Ha Long Bay


Joining the Ha Long tour “One day as a fisherman”, tourists from many places want to discover the daily life of fishermen at sea. When being introduced by the tour guide about the one-day program as a fisherman, visitors can not only discover the natural beauty of Ha Long Bay but also live with the fishermen and participate in activities taking place in the bay’s fishing village. Ha Long as fishing, rafting, kayaking around the cave and living right at the raft houses on Ha Long Bay….

After nearly 4 hours on the cruise ship, the group of tourists set foot on the rafts of the fishermen of Vung Vieng fishing village. 24 km from the mainland, Vung Vieng fishing village is located in a quiet, peaceful location with charming scenery. More than 160 residents living in the fishing village still retain the traditional activities of the fishing community on Ha Long Bay. That is also the reason why this fishing village has become a tourist product exploited by many tour operators.

Vung Vieng fishing village

The group of tourists was divided into small groups, equipped with life jackets and put on bamboo boats. The boat is brought to a position where the fishermen think there are many fish and tourists can row and fish like real fishermen. First, the fishermen guide tourists to cast their nets. This job looks simple at first glance, but it requires a lot of ingenuity because if not careful, the net will get tangled. After casting the net, the fishermen let the boat run around. The next job that visitors have to do is knocking to attract the attention of fish into the net.

Near noon, when everyone in the group felt tired and hungry, the fishermen signaled to pull the nets to harvest fish. This is the most interesting stage for everyone. The net pulled up was laden with white scale fish glistening in the sea sun. Non-professional fishermen are taught how to remove fish so as not to tear the net. Everyone is satisfied and happy when pulling a fresh catch of fish.
Lunch consisting of dishes made from fresh fish is quickly displayed on the table. These are rustic, unfussy dishes prepared by the women of Vung Vieng fishing village in the vast space between the sky and the sea, giving people indescribable emotions.

On the train back to the port, the tourists all had the same mood that was joy mixed with regret. A day to become real fishermen has brought visitors both strange and interesting experiences, thereby helping them understand more things about the life of fishermen in the sea.

In recent years, choosing to enjoy the scenery of Ha Long Bay and spend the night on yachts has gradually become a trend of many Vietnamese tourists. Along with admiring the beautiful natural scenery here,  overnight tours on Ha Long cruise  also bring visitors extremely interesting experiences. So  what activities does Ha Long cruise  have that attract tourists so much? Here are some outstanding activities that only overnight on a cruise in Ha Long you will have the opportunity to experience:

Watching the sunset on Ha Long Bay:  It can be said that nowhere in this country of Vietnam has an ideal place to watch the sunset on the sea. The sunset scene of Ha Long is completely different from many other places in the country. Coming here, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the sunset scenery mixed with the scenery of thousands of limestone islands to create a magical space that nowhere else in the country has. Besides, during this time, the yachts often have promotions “happy hour” selling drinks at cheap prices. So what’s more wonderful than sipping a drink and enjoying the fresh and romantic air when the night is slowly falling. Perhaps this is the best time for you to take beautiful pictures and freely “live virtual” on social networking sites.

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Watch the sunset on Ha Long Bay

Visiting the bay:  Considered a unique work of art created by “Mother Nature” with an area of ​​​​about 1,553 km2 and 1,969 islands with different shapes – large and small, creating a scene for Ha Long. The beauty of Ha Long is just like the world cultural celebrity Nguyen Trai once commented about Ha Long as “a wonder of the earth built in the sky”. If you stay at hotels on the shore, you usually only participate in a 4-hour sightseeing journey on the Bay with destinations such as: Thien Cung Cave, Dau Go Cave, Titop Island, Lu Huong Peak, Trong Mai Islet… If you stay overnight on the cruise, you will have the opportunity to go deeper into the heart of the heritage area where there are attractive, unspoiled destinations that are much more famous than the 4-hour cruise on the bay.

Vinh Halong

Kayaking:  This is considered one of the most attractive and is an activity that most visitors to Ha Long want to experience once. Currently, the management of Ha Long Bay has re-planned a number of kayaking spots with beautiful scenery, you will be completely immersed in a wild landscape of Ha Long. When participating in kayaking in the journey of  Ha Long cruise ship,  you will be taken to places with the most pristine and beautiful scenery to experience this activity such as: Dong Tien Lake area, Drum cave, Luon cave, Tung Sau-pearl farm…

Kayaking on the Bay is one of the most enjoyable activities for tourists

Climbing and swimming at Titop Island, Soi Sim Island: This is considered the most famous island of Ha Long Bay. The reason it is known by many domestic and foreign tourists is because Titop Island is the first and only island now you can try your hand at climbing to the top after passing about 400 stone steps. Enjoy a unique experience that is: See Ha Long from above (most of the beautiful photos from above in Ha Long are taken here) With a 360-degree view, you can fully enjoy the view. panoramic view of the bay from many different angles. It won’t be worth your effort to climb a bit if you can see the beauty of Ha Long Bay from the top of Ti Top – especially young tourists who have a hobby of taking pictures and checking in… After a while of relaxing, enjoying the fresh air and watching The scene went up and down the mountain and immersed in the clear blue water of the beach here.

Swimming on the bay also gives visitors a different and exciting feeling

Explore the cave: With a system of different large and small cave populations scattered in the core area of ​​the world natural heritage, creating one of the factors attracting tourists. The cave system was discovered and named according to the imagination of visitors. Among the most beautiful are: Thien Cung Cave, Dau Go Cave, Sung Sot Cave, Me Cung Cave, Tien Ong Cave, Trinh Nu Cave, Bo Nau Cave, Thien Canh Son Cave…. Among the caves mentioned above, Dong Thien Cung, Dau Go Cave, Sung Sot Cave, Me Cung Cave and Thien Canh Son Cave are the destinations of the most tourists because it belongs to the main sightseeing route currently under the Ha Long Bay Management Board. license planning. It can be said that the stalactite system in Ha Long is very diverse, with many types of bamboo shoots, stalactites … creating a feeling of magnificence and magnificence and this is also one of the highlights to attract tourists to Ha Long.

Kham pha dong
You can’t miss the activities to explore the beautiful caves on the bay

Cooking program + Squid fishing + Free tai chi practice:  An attractive activity that only when you join the night cruise program you will have the opportunity to experience for free is: Squid fishing and learn cooking. The chef will teach you how to make some typical dishes of traditional Vietnamese cuisine such as fried spring rolls or fresh spring rolls combined with dipping sauces to highlight the flavor of Vietnamese cuisine. In addition, you can also try your luck when fishing for squid – a unique experience that only you have the option of sleeping on a yacht in Ha Long Bay. If you are lucky, you can catch fresh squid and process it, enjoy it at the boat. Currently, all cruise ships in Ha Long provide these two services free of charge.

Most cruises on Ha Long have a cooking program

Singing karaoke on the yacht:  This type of service is only applicable to groups that charter a yacht. The yacht is also completely free to use. You can freely immerse yourself in the songs performed by the members of your group (Singing time from: after meals to 12pm)…

squid fishing
Visitors fishing for squid on a yacht

If you choose a number of cruises going to Bai Tu Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay, and Cat Ba Island, you will have the opportunity to participate in a cycling program to visit Viet Hai Fishing Village and take a walk around Bai Tu Long National Forest.

Above are some activities that only when you choose to sleep overnight on a cruise in Ha Long you will have the opportunity to experience and that is indeed one of the highlights that makes more and more tourists choose. choose to spend the night on a cruise in Ha Long Bay – which is known as a natural wonder of the world and recognized by UNESCO as a world natural heritage.

Source: compiled

Along with kayaking service, bamboo boat, also known as basket boat, is a type of activity that is very popular with tourists and wants to experience exploring Ha Long Bay in their own style.

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Visiting the lagoon in Ba Hang area

Each bamboo boat can seat 4 to 6 people, Fishermen living in fishing villages on the bay will row and take visitors in turn to visit caves, limestone mountains, and puddles in the beautiful mountain heart. comfortably immerse yourself in the fresh air of the sea, take pictures and videos, chat with enthusiastic, sincere fishermen who are always ready to guide visitors.

Cheo Thuyen Nan Ha Long
Visitors explore Luon cave on bamboo boat service

During the tour, visitors can also enjoy the melodies and songs about Ha Long Bay of fishermen along with enthusiastic and happy service, giving visitors a feeling of closeness and love. . Bamboo rafting service on the bay gives visitors interesting experiences, their own perspective on the beauty of Ha Long.

Ha Long service
Visitors are served enthusiastically and happily with fishermen rowing (Photo source

If you want to participate in this type of tour, you can use 1-day tour services, 2-day tours or overnight cruises on the bay. The price can be included in the tour or separately for guests to choose, the cost ranges from 50,000 VND to 100,000 VND per person.

Hai Au Airlines has officially opened the seaplane service to admire Ha Long Bay. Two Cessna Grand Caravan EX seaplanes are present in Vietnam for the first time, with spacious windows, allowing passengers to easily enjoy the panoramic view and capture beautiful moments through the views from above. You will have the opportunity to experience the flight from Hanoi to Ha Long as well as fly sightseeing over the bay at an altitude of 500 – 3000m above sea level.

Thuy Phi Co Ha Long
The cockpit of the Seaplane

This is a modern and latest American seaplane, 2 seats for the driver and 12 seats for passengers, the flight speed is about 300km/h, has the ability to take off, this vehicle can flexibly take off and land. wings both on land and water. Instead of having to sit 3-4 hours in a car from Hanoi to Ha Long and enjoy the scenery on boats and boats running around the bay, with a Cessna Grand Caravan EX plane, it only takes visitors 30 minutes to enjoy the panoramic view. this world natural heritage from above. The plane has wide windows to help passengers comfortably observe and record memorable moments when flying over famous landmarks such as Cat Ba (Hai Phong) or Tam Dao (Vinh Phuc) on the journey from Hanoi to Hanoi. Ha Long. The feeling when the plane takes off and lands on the water is also a special factor that creates an interesting feature for each flight journey.

Thuy Phi Co Ha Long
The beauty of Ha Long Bay seen from an altitude of about 500m

Every day there will be 1-3 return flights from Hanoi to Ha Long and 5-10 scenic flights on the bay. There are three itineraries for tourists to choose from: from Noi Bai airport to Tuan Chau and vice versa (30 minutes flight time); depart from Tuan Chau and explore Ha Long Bay (25 minutes flight time).

Thuy Phi Co Ha Long
Seaplanes can land and glide on water

Thuy Phi Co Ha Long
A beach in Ha Long Bay seen from an airplane

When sunset falls, Ha Long is extremely fanciful on the vast sea, colored lights from  Ha Long yachts  reflect on the water surface forming a vivid picture with many fanciful colors. And then dawn will bring you into the fairyland, waking you up with the bitter cold, the fragrant winds of the sea, the beautiful scenery. Ha Long is not ashamed when twice recognized by Unesco as a world natural heritage, in 1994 and 2000 Ha Long always gives visitors great experiences, because of its eternal beauty over time. but more than 5 centuries ago Nguyen Trai praised  Ha Long Bay  as a wonder of stone erected in the sky.

Perhaps the most beautiful time on Ha Long Bay is the time of sunset. When the yachts have found a place to anchor for the night cruise on the bay, tourists come together to the sundeck to admire the scenery, take pictures, what could be more wonderful than sitting and sipping a glass of wine with their loved ones and enjoying the view? The romantic sunset gradually falls.

The yachts prepare to anchor for the night

Ha Long Bay is as beautiful as a picture at sunset

When the sun goes down is the best time for you to enjoy Ha Long Bay

After checking in to Ha Long cruise and starting the journey to explore one of the most beautiful caves of Ha Long Bay such as  Thien Cung cave, Dau Go cave, Sung Sot cave, Trinh Nu cave, Tam Cung cave …
Thien Cung cave where beautiful scenery is likened to the palace of the heavens. The cave is located in the southwest of Ha Long Bay, 4km from the cruise ship port on Dau Go Island at an altitude of 25m above sea level. On the way to Thien Cung Cave, the cliffs are craggy, both sides are covered with luxuriant trees, through a narrow door, the cave suddenly opens up to a space above a quadrilateral with a length of 130m. The more we go inside, the more surprised we are by the vivid and splendid beauty created by stalactites. On the eastern wall of the cave is like a monumental picture, in which there are ancient fairy characters with soft and flexible lines, extremely delicate to every little detail.

Ha Long Dong Thien Cung

The sculptures, whether massive or small, are meticulously elaborated by the hand of the Creator. The cave is associated with the legend of the ancient Dragon King. Legend has it that after the Dragon King defeated the people, the Dragon King returned to his cave, that year there was a severe drought and the people lost their crops, so they had to ask for help from the Dragon King to make rain. To congratulate the wedding, the dragons fly eel while hiding in the forest of clouds and stalactites, the elephants and peacocks dance together, the giant pythons hide around the ancient banyan tree, two stone lions. dancing, high above the eagles spread their huge wings, an ornately decorated elephant is lying in suit, waiting for the bride and groom to step down, the man from where gray hair is like a cloud will also come. Enjoy the party, the scene is extremely jubilant. The center of the cave is 4 huge and muscular pillars as if supporting the heavens,

On the north wall of the cave is a scene of fairies dancing and singing to congratulate the wedding, under the soaring arch of the cave, each cluster of stalactites hangs down to create a splendid stone curtain. At the last cave, the white, blue, and red light flows mixed to create a magnificent scene, a natural stream of water in four seasons flows and murmurs, where there are three clear ponds, according to legend. This is the place where she often bathes her 100 children and raises them to adulthood. A winding road leading out is the way that May and her 50 children go to discover a new land, 50 children stay with their father to build their homeland, with treasures. The mother left behind is Bau Vu Tien, full of life. Thien Cung Cave gives us the feeling that we have just seen a very unique and elaborate art museum.

Ha Long Dong Thien Cung-1

Experiencing a  Ha Long tour,  Ms. Morgan from England said: “I find this place very peaceful, the scenery is very beautiful, the mountain peaks sometimes create a feeling of fear. I’m from England! In our country, there are no mountain caves, creating such strong feelings, so I will definitely keep memories in this place.”

Halong Bay gains its worldwide reputation for not only the magnificent natural settings but also the plenty of fascinating activities available on the Bay. Aside from kayaking and swimming, there is also another interesting activity that travelers rarely pay their attention to: squid fishing.

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